DizViz Data Visualization

A collection of information visualizations designed to help Disneyland visitors choose rides in real time.


Over 15 million people visit Disneyland Resort each year, making waiting in lines an inevitable part of the Disney experience [1]. Through our research, three of my peers and I found that ride wait times are of great importance to park-goers. However, current wait time related information visualizations do not present users with an adequate means … Continue reading Problem


The DizViz Dashboard was created through iterative phases of user research and design. Our process in its entirety is documented in the following write-up. Click HERE to view.


Overall, our team has created a potentially valuable visualization for Disneyland visitors. The DizViz Dashboard compiles a variety of multivariate data and presents it through a series of informative graphics. Using Tableau software,  we display two primary visualizations: a bar graph displaying current wait times and a geospatial representation of the theme park. Both visualizations … Continue reading Results