After conducting user research and coding our data for themes through affinity diagramming, our team moved into the ideation phase of our project. The purpose of ideation was to generate a promising design that could be built in full during our prototyping phase. Four artifacts were created during ideation: a list of design requirments, a collection of potential design sketches, three refined sketches for user feedback and a summary of user feedback.

Design Requirements

Drawing directly from user research findings, our team compiled a list of design considerations to refer to during ideation. Additionally, we pulled out the most pertinent design considerations and created a top ten design requirements list. By generating ideas that satisfied these design requirements, we ensured that potential products would, indeed, be beneficial to users within our design space.

Features of a successful medication management system are listed in the following documents:

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To start off the idea generation process, each team member created several unique sketches of design ideas. These sketches depicted user experiences, user interfaces, and medication management tools. Each sketch was also intended to align with our list of design requirements that was generated after user research. Original sketches can be viewed in the photos bellow.

Final Sketches

After coming together and combining design ideas, our team discovered that a medication management system can encompass three subcategories: medication organization systems, reminder systems and record keeping systems. As a team, we developed a final design that considers each of these areas and that we feel would successfully satisfy user needs. Finally, we created three refined sketches of the design to present for user feedback.

User Feedback

To ensure that our designs were meeting user needs, we presented our refined sketches to users for feedback. Overall, our design concept received an overwhelmingly positive response.

“I think this would be very helpful.”


“That would be really good.”

Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement. Design suggestions from user feedback are summarized in the following document:

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