Ultimately, our team was able to research, design and prototype a medication management system that satisfies human needs. The MedMem system takes a three prong approach to medication management. This includes customizable pill boxes, a portable reminder system, and a notebook for recording important medical information.

In future work, our team would like to further develop, integrate and test the details of our device’s digital interface. At it’s current stage, our prototype remains largely conceptual. We would also like to experiment with ways to implement our intended pill box connection mechanism. It is possible that we can achieve the desired effect with a more precise 3D printer, but will more likely require some plastic and mold making expertise.

Over the course of this project, our team learned a great deal in regards to collaborating and executing multiple phases of the human-centered design process. We worked tremendously well together despite several hurdles along the way. Thus, we welcome the possibility of working together again on similarly fulfilling projects.

MedMem Poster_V2_08-1