In short, the Hummingbird is a small, three mode sensor attachment that easily clips to any white cane. Press the mode button once and the Hummingbird activates its raised distance sensor. As a user approaches a raised obstacle, haptic feedback increases in frequency. A constant vibration in the handle indicates that the user should immediately correct their course.

Press the mode button a second time and the Hummingbird enters line mode. Vibrations will persist until the user is within two meters of the person in front of them. When the line moves forward a vibrating motor will reactivate, indicating that the user should step forward until the vibration stops.

The Hummingbird also offers a third experimental retracted mode. This mode allows users to retract their cane indoors or in a crowded setting and continue to receive feedback about elevation changes immediately in front of them. Pressing the mode button a fourth time will turn the device off. In addition to haptic feedback, this change is indicated by a small LED for low vision or sighted users who may also be handling the device.